Cell Phone Hacking & the Nazi Stasi Academy (NSA) - Richard Lighthouse

Cell Phone Hacking & the Nazi Stasi Academy (NSA)

By Richard Lighthouse

  • Release Date: 2016-09-22
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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This short ebook provides some details of cell phone hacking on my iphone. The Internet Protocol (IP) address for the phone is changed almost every day. THe NSA has an obsession with cell phone locations, which was documented by the Snowden disclosures. During this entire 30 day period, my phone was physically located in the greater Houston, Texas area, yet the IP location showed it in California, Nevada, and Washington. For several days, the IP address showed a location in the middle of Lake Cheney in Kansas. For the Clowns, Idiots, and A*holes, this may be a farcical reference to Dick Cheney (the supposed head of the Majority Intelligence Committee (MAJIC)). A table listing the daily changes of my IP address is provided along with the bogus locations. During the 30 days that I monitored the IP location - it was wrong 100% of the time. This compares poorly with geolocation statistics that clearly show that in the United States, geolocation IP addresses are correctly identified by city location more than 80% of the time. It is likely that the IP address is being altered by the NSA (Nazi Stasi Academy) – a number of recent articles in the Washington Post detailing the NSA's obsession with cell phone locations are provided.