30 Minute Mogul Cuisine Meals Mogul Cuisine of North India and Pakistan - A. Kh'an

30 Minute Mogul Cuisine Meals Mogul Cuisine of North India and Pakistan

By A. Kh'an

  • Release Date: 2017-08-29
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic


This book offers 75 easy; 30-minute meal recipes - give or take few minutes. Recipes does not discount on taste or elegance. Recipes streamline preparation and cooking methods. Recipes includes of Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Vegetable. Bonus recipe for Spice mixes, and tips.
Mogul cuisine combines almost all the techniques, ingredients, and spices from other cuisines. Mogul dishes usually require lot of love and can be time consuming methods to cook. Recipes in this book are heirloom and classic Mogul recipes, which has been developed using mogul spices and method, some with modification for quick cooking. Also, recipes with inspiration from international dishes and quick and easy. Also, back Ground and Introduction to Mogul (Mughal)cooking.

American cooking Icon Rachael Ray - coined 30 Minute Meals, and another Icon Bobby Flay - He can cook extra ordinary dishes in very limited in his famous TV show- Beat Bobby Flay (TV – in USA - 2013-Present), no competition.
Would like to see him cook in the show, would be a honor.
Other American Icon Chefs are Julia Childs, Martin Yan, and Hubert Keller, their cooking will keep inspiring us through their recipes as long as we keep cooking, entertaining our families and guests and develop recipes.