2020 U.S.A Presidential Election 2.0 A Teaser - A. Kh'an

2020 U.S.A Presidential Election 2.0 A Teaser

By A. Kh'an

  • Release Date: 2019-06-07
  • Genre: Political Science


3/31 Trump is doing ? - Coronavirus - 859032 -US18944 Anti-Christ Seema Verma won't allow Mediaid $s
Madicare for All will save YOUR life
CornonaVirus-Thanks to globalization-Bill G,Tim C,J.Bezos,S.Nadella,S Pichai,Zuckerberg, Biden-Obama etc
Al-Baghdadi - Thank you Trump.
Excess baggage candidates are hurting the DEM nomination process, its time to get rid of all except top 3 in debates.
Trump's contract with American - 2016, Trump's election website information - rare now.
And 2020 agenda. Biden - can't say no evidence until inquiry is done by congress/DOJ/FBI
Biden=Clintons=Bushes = Political Mafia
Running on slogans are fake, attention needy, and drama people.
if website do not polices details = fake candidate. Nancy P gave free pass to Russia & India, scape-goat Ukraine.
U.N., should allow Kashmiris, Kurdish, Syria, Sikkim Catalonia to choose freedom like East Timor - Its basic Human rights.
Kamala Harris wants to ban red meat (cow) CNN - Sep 2019, She did few Yatara (Hindu pilgrimage) with Her Bharatiya -American mother.
Andrew (Andy) Yang button-up your shirt . stop peek-a-boo shame on you
Tulsi Gabbard says Trump was "having our country act as Saudi Arabia's Bitch" (Sep 16 2019 Business Insider). US is no one bitch ever.
Tulsi is Modi's bitch, so is Nikki Haley and Hillary C
Warren's immigration plan is worst in the history. you do not reward law breakers, period. Hillary may give political kiss of death to Warren. And Bharatiya Modi will give Trump political kiss of death.?
Sep 22/19 - Houston - Trump attended Bharatiya fascist Modi 'Howdy Modi' celebration by mostly by H1B, L foreign workers who replaced Americans.
Trump is now King-pin of outsourcing and hiring foreign worker to replace Americans, Trump and family has large business in Bharat, and new Tower. TrumpS, Congress condone Caste System of Hindu/Sikhs until they openly reject.
June 27-2019 - 2nd day was attack show - 1st was about mostly issues
Defeating trump is not enough -must have a clear agenda to improve for greater good
electability depends on whom the voters trust the most to run this country. period. Again and again election history proves that; In 2016, voters trusted Trump more than Hillary Clinton, and he won. fact.
There are three candidates who pass on 'tested' scale - Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren - other kids are less-tested candidates. -Kamala Harris Backtracks on Support for Eliminating Private Insurance, Says She Heard Debate Question Wrong. hearing issue? - running on slogan.
Buttigieg still has race problem
Bernie and Warren is the only with a plan to bring equality in US.
Must read before next debate to be educated
Gangs Drug dealers have highjacked HK protest - China has rice Christians since 1700s
2 Bonus books attached
Joe Biden - the creepy, if elected, he will be the first oldest person elected president In 2008 he wanted to run as GOP VP
Bernie Sanders - if elected he will be the reforming for equality
Elizbeth Warren - iron lady of US with plans for equality, if elected, she will be first woman president
Kamala Harris - the cop, if elected, she will be the first Bhartiya-Jamaican president
Pete Buttigieg, if elected, he will be first open gay president.
Cory Booker, if elected, he will be the first real black president with deep black roots in America with slavery scars in mind
This book contain following
All 2020 presidential Candidates and their agenda as on their Website
Bonus Books attached
Trump’s Presidency 1.0
Op-Ed by an Anonymous Senior Trump Official. A Conversation
April/May 2019 Kamala H. started race issue - a month or so she said "she was born black" - disinformation
My DNA shows that I have about 1% Finish (Finland), at top is 100 % finish, I am proud of having about 1% - probably
I gotten advocacy for equal rights and human rights for all from 1%